Your Journey As A Caregiver:
Adult Children & Family Members

If you are caring for a loved one with cancer, it is important for you to understand what they are going through. Being diagnosed with cancer invokes different reactions in different people. Knowing how your parent or family member may be feeling or what they may be going through can help you take better care of them. You should be mindful of the following things when caring for a cancer patient 

As a cancer patient, your parent or family member could be worried, confused, or afraid about different aspects of their care journey. Their reactions can vary depending on how they usually react to tough situations.

If your parent has cancer, it can be particularly hard for them to cope with the situation. As parents, they are used to taking care of you. Now that the role is reversed, it might be hard for them to come to terms with the situation.

The treatment for cancer can make your family member feel tired and sick. They could also feel sad. This could be because they can no longer do certain things they enjoyed doing. They could also be missing their normal routine, including aspects of their professional and personal life.

Cancer and the side effects of treatment can make your family member feel angry or grumpy. It is important you remember that these feelings are most likely towards the disease, not you.

Looking at things from their perspective can be helpful when caring for your loved one. In many situations, you might find that you and the person you are caring for have the same feelings, anxieties and fears.

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