Managing Financial Aspects
of Cancer Care

A major part of dealing with cancer is tackling the financial aspects of care. In some cases, a cancer diagnosis can change a family’s financial situation. People with cancer and their families need to rethink their financial planning in order to accommodate costs of treatment, tests and medication. Caregivers face the additional task of managing the medical records, bills and balances. At this already stressful time, it is important to anticipate the kinds of expenses you will be faced with and find effective strategies to plan and cope.

Please note that the information mentioned below is a general guideline. The actual expenses and norms may vary greatly, depending on current condition of the patient and where you seek treatment.

Every cancer patient is unique. Typically, treatment for cancer is highly personalized in order to achieve the best clinical outcome. At private hospitals in India, there are a variety of factors that can affect the cost of treatment, including

The patient’s diagnosis and current health​

The type and frequency of diagnostic tests required

The category of room chosen by the patient (general ward, sharing room, deluxe room or suite)

The number and type of treatments required

The type of therapy, drug regimen or medicines prescribed

The number and type of surgeries and other procedures

The duration of the hospital stay

The type, brand and quantity of devices and implants used during procedures

The type of technology used

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