Your guide to living the best life possible, after cancer

“Cancer didn’t bring me to my knees, it brought me to my feet”

Michael Douglas

Your journey as a cancer veteran

Sometimes, despite the best efforts of everyone who is involved in your cancer care journey, the disease may spread or even come back post a period of respite. Some forms of cancer are incurable and may continue to grow and spread over time. Cancers which cannot be cured but can be managed through continuous treatment over several months or even years, are called chronic cancers. Read more

Planning for aftercare

Aftercare for cancer is an active and important part of the cancer care process. Once the cancer treatment is over and done with, you need to continue seeing your cancer care team to avoid remission. Your doctor will then recommend an aftercare plan to monitor and manage your health and ensure better management of any lasting side-effects. The focus would be to regularly screen you and document any early signs of relapse, if they occur. Read more

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