Recurrence and Chronic Cancer

Managing your cancer through its advanced stages

Sometimes, despite the best efforts of everyone who is involved in your cancer care journey, the disease may spread or even come back post a period of respite. Some forms of cancer are incurable and may continue to grow and spread over time. Cancers which cannot be cured, but can be managed through continuous treatment over several months or even years, are called chronic cancers.

Staying vigilant after treatment

It is perfectly normal to be worried that your cancer will come back after you’ve completed your treatment. Certain types of cancer have a higher risk of recurrence. It is important to have an open discussion with members of your clinical team to discuss your specific type of cancer and be aware of the risk of recurrence.

It is also important to be vigilant. Perform frequent self-examinations and schedule regular follow-up scans and check-ups with your clinician. Click here

If you experience any unexplained symptoms that cause you concern (especially if the symptoms last for longer than a few days), please contact your clinical team immediately.

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